Billy Bragg : les titres et dates de diffusion

jeudi 27 juin 19917Sexuality
lundi 1 juillet 199116Sexuality
mardi 2 juillet 199119Sexuality
lundi 8 juillet 199120Sexuality
mercredi 17 juillet 19915Sexuality
mardi 23 juillet 19916Sexuality
mardi 3 septembre 19917Bread And Circuses (with Natalie Merchant)
mardi 3 septembre 19919You Woke Up My Neighborhood
lundi 9 septembre 19917You Woke Up My Neighborhood
lundi 16 septembre 199116You Woke Up My Neighborhood
mercredi 25 septembre 199119You Woke Up My Neighbourhood
mardi 10 décembre 199111Sexuality
mercredi 25 décembre 199110Sexuality

Les vidéos de Billy Bragg

Bragg’s lead single off of his 1991 pop success ‘Don’t Try This At Home’, came at a time where sex-positive and anti-homophobic music was scarce. With a video that is just as fun, fearless and freeing as the words – it is one of Bragg’s biggest and most loved singles.

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I've had relations with girls from many nations
I've made passes at women of all classes
And just because you're gay I won't turn you away
If you stick around I'm sure that we can find some common ground

Strong and warm and wild and free
Your laws do not apply to me

A nuclear submarine sinks off the coast of Sweden
Headlines give me headaches when I read them
I had an uncle who once played for Red Star Belgrade
He said some things are really best left unspoken
But I prefer it all to be out in the open

Strong and warm and wild and free
Your laws do not apply to me
Don't threaten me with misery
I demand equality

I'm sure that everybody knows how much my body hates me
It lets me down most every time and makes me rash and hasty
I feel a total jerk before your naked body of work

I'm getting weighed down with all this information
Safe sex doesn't mean no sex it just means use your imagination
Stop playing with yourselves in hard currency hotels
I look like Robert De Niro, I drive a Mitsubishi Zero

Strong and warm and wild and free
Your laws do not apply to me
Come eat and drink and sleep with me
We can be what we want to be

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