Jeudi 29 Octobre 1992 : Bernard Lenoir, Arnaud Viviant

  Arnaud Viviant

La playlist de l'émission

1Shelleyan OrphanBurst
2SuperchunkGirl U Want (cover Devo)
3Yo La TengoDreaming (Blondie cover)
4ComeFast Piss Blues
6DC BaseheadBrand New Day
7Me Phi MeIt Ain't The Way It Was
8The Frank And WaltersFashion Crisis Hits New-York
9The Wedding PresentQueen Of Outer Space
10Mercury RevChasing A Girl (Inside A Car) (Peel Session)
11The Boo RadleysLazarus
12MooseThe Whistling Song

Ecoutez l’émission C’est Lenoir du 29 Octobre 1992, avec Arnaud Viviant

Brief sur les Transmusicales de Rennes 1992

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Quelques commentaires :
– Le titre de Mercury Rev diffusé ce soir est issu de la Peel Session, mais indisponible seul en vidéo. La Peel Session complète est visible sur
– 2 titres (DC Basehead et Cell) n’ont pas été identifiés. Si vous les connaissez …

DescriptionHumroot is notably more staid than previous albums by Shelleyan Orphan. The conventional use of drums, bass and electric guitars suggest an attempt to compose more mainstream (pop) songs, although the studied orchestral arrangements of their prior efforts remain, as do their breathy (and lyrically oblique) harmonies. "Burst" shows the influence of the Cure, with whom the band toured (two Cure members play on the album) and is an upbeat delight, but on the whole Humroot is grim and overbearing. This is the least satisfying (and presumably final) release by the band.

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