Mardi 29 Octobre 1991 : Bernard Lenoir, Arnaud Viviant, Philippe Vecchi

  Arnaud Viviant

La playlist de l'émission

1PixiesI Can't Forget (leonard Cohen cover)
225th of MayFuck The Right To Vote
3KingmakerReally Scrape The Sky
4Teenage FanclubThe Concept
5NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit
6The Little RabbitsNon C'e Domani
7The Field MiceCoach Station Reunion
9Yo La TengoSerpentine
10Single Gun TheoryFrom A Million Miles
11Bingo Hand JobTom's Dinner (Suzanne Vega cover)
12ConsolidatedThis Is Fascism
13Nikki SuddenI Belong To You
14PJ HarveyDress
15HoleTeenage Whore
16The Family CatColour Me Grey
17Van MorrisonTake Me Back

Écoutez C’est Lenoir du 28 octobre 1991

Pour gagner la compilation « I’m Your Fan » : d’où vient le nom de « 25th Of May » : jour de la victoire de Liverpool à la coupe d’Europe de football en 1977.
Chronique de Viviant sur « Le Propre Du Bouc », premier roman de Chantal Attané.
Chronique ciné de Vecchi sur « Van Gogh » de Maurice Pialat.

Les titres en vidéo

Pixies - I Can't Forget (Leonard Cohen cover - lyrics)

I stumbled out of bed
I got ready for the struggle
I smoked a cigarette
And I tightened up my gut
I said this can't be me
Must be my double
And I can't forget
And I can't forget
I can't forget but I don't remember what
I'm burning up the road
I'm heading down to Phoenix
I got this old address
Of someone that I knew
It was high and fine and free
Oh you should've seen us
And I can't forget
And I can't forget
I can't forget but I don't remember who
I'll be there today with a big bouquet of cactus
I've got this rig that runs, runs on memory
And I promise, cross my heart they'll never catch us
But if they do just tell 'em it was me
I've loved you all my life
And that's how I want to end it
The summer's almost gone
And winter's tuning up
The summer's gone but a lot goes on forever
And I can't forget
I can't forget
I can't forget, but I don't remember what

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