24 juin 1991 : session de Babel 17


La playlist de l'émission

1Ian McCullochProud to Fall (Long Night's Journey Mix)
2Julee CruiseRockin' Back Inside My Heart
3Primal ScreamHigher Than the Sun (Higher Than the Sun 12" Mix)
5Thousand Yard StareButtermouth
6NorthsidePractise Makes Perfect (Chicken Rythms)
7Babel 17Angels Of TV (session)
8Babel 17Love Lasts Forever (The Prunes cover) (session)
9Babel 17Shades Of Dream (session)
10Babel 17Les Hommes De Pierre (session)
11Little NemoNice Drift
12PixiesDig For Fire
13This Mortal CoilYou And Your Sister
14The Pale SaintsKinky Love (Nancy Sinatra cover)
15Cocteau TwinsCarolyn's Fingers
16Dinosaur JrFreak Scene
17The Wedding PresentDare
18Blamo !I'm Spartacus

Ecoutez la session de Babel 17 dans l’émission de Bernard Lenoir

Babel 17 propose 4 titres dont une reprise des Prunes “Love Lasts Forever”.

Les titres en vidéo

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