Mercredi 12 Janvier 2011 : Bernard Lenoir, Hugo Cassavetti

  Hugo Cassavetti

La playlist de l'émission

2MadnessDip Fed Fred (Feat Ian Dury)
3The Belle StarsIko Iko (The Dixie Cups cover)
4Anna CalviNo More Words
5PJ HarveyThe Glorious Land
6Dalis CarDalis Car
7Midge Ure And Mick KarnAfter A Fashion
8Mick KarnBuoy (Feat David Sylvian)
9No-ManSweetheart Raw
10Mick KarnAshes To Ashes (David Bowie cover)

Écoutez C’est Lenoir du 12 janvier 2011

Hugo Cassavetti rend hommage à Mick Karn, décédé la semaine dernière, le 4 janvier 2011.

Les titres en vidéo

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Staggering home the headlights throw a shadow up and upon
Friends and loved ones that have done no wrong
But no longer mean anything to me
Mumbling on into a crystal glass that echoes a song
The enticement invites you along
A path of exterior colour

But came the morning shivering and contorting
To border on the brink for just another sink
Oh take me down for one more round Oh involve me in libation
Stick a rock in my foundation soak me in stagnation
Tackle my translation and I'll take you down
For one last round

Love struck I've fallen for a lamppost given her my utmost
Spilling out my deepest feelings
Now all I want to do is snuggle up to you
A night cap in the early morning dew

Look what have I become?
Distancing myself so far and front
But gazing up I wave the night boat on
For now its heaven in deepest Tottenham

What have I done to deserve this fate?
It's all gone wrong
Even my cab fares been and gone
Now I'm lagging in deepest Tottenham

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