28 janvier 1992 : Arnaud Viviant parle de “Trafic”, la revue cinéma de Serge Daney

  Arnaud Viviant

La playlist de l'émission

1Teenage FanclubFiller
2My Bloody ValentineOnly Shallow
3Planete ZenCharlie The Spacedriver
4The CharlatansWeirdo
5Thousand Yard StareButtermouth
6The TablesGreat Adventures In Wonderland
7KaterineHips In The Morning
8The Little RabbitsHelp
9Les FreluquetsUn Souhait
10Senseless ThingsEasy To Smile
11FabulousDestined To Be Free
13Buffalo TomVelvet Roof
14Dinosaur JrMuck
15The SugarcubesHit
17The God MachineHome
18The Young GodsSkinflowers
19The MabusesBrightmares

L’émission du 28/01/1992 de L’Inrockuptible

19 titres dont quelques groupes français (Little Rabbits, Katerine, Freluqets, Planet Zen), et aussi Moose, Dinosaur Jr, Thousand Yard Stare … et la chronique littéraire d’Arnaud Viviant qui ne parlera pas littérature ce soir, mais cinéma avec la revue cinéma Trafic.

Les titres en vidéos

After first gaining acclaim for a dense, melodic sound that anticipated the coming emergence of grunge, Scotland's Teenage Fanclub spent the remainder of their career as torch bearers for the power pop revival, unparalleled among their generation for both their unwavering adherence to and brilliant reinvention of the classic guitar pop of vintage acts like Big Star and Badfinger. Blessed with the talents of three formidable singers and songwriters (Norman Blake, Gerard Love, and Raymond McGinley, all sharing an unerring knack for crafting immediately infectious melodies), Teenage Fanclub's radiant brand of pop classicism enjoyed only a brief moment of commercial and critical vogue, and over time, the band's devotion to its unapologetically old-fashioned sensibility yielded a dwindling fan base and virtually nonexistent record sales. Nevertheless, almost none of their contemporaries can claim either Teenage Fanclub's consistency or longevity -- though never groundbreaking or hip, their music possesses a timelessness and accessibility matched by few.

This is one of their earlier b-sides (no pun intended) and features on the What You Do To Me single.

Label: Creation, CRE115T
Format: 12"
Country: UK
Released: Jan 1992
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock

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