Vendredi 16 Octobre 1992 : Black Session de Paul Weller


La playlist de l'émission

2PulpO.U. (Gone, Gone)
3Paul WellerKosmos  (black session)
4Paul WellerUh Huh Oh Yeh (black session)
5Paul WellerSitting in Limbo (Jimmy Cliff cover) (black session)
6Paul WellerAmongst Butterflies (black session)
7Paul WellerBull-Rush (black session)
8Paul WellerEverything Has a Price to Pay (black session)
9Paul WellerAbove The Clouds (black session)
10Paul WellerOhio (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young cover) (black session)
11Paul WellerInto Tomorrow (black session)
12Paul WellerAll Year Round (black session)

Ecoutez la Black session de Paul Weller

Paul Weller interprète 10 titres pendant cette black session. Pas d’interview.

Les titres de chansons en vidéo

'Velouria' was released in 1990, and is taken from the 'Bossanova' album.

Directed by Peter Fowler
Filmed by SNUB TV: Brenda Kelly and Peter Fowler, 1989.

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